A Week of Winning at True the Vote!

We’re all in this together! Stay strong!

Americans are Rallying and Election Integrity is Winning!

What a week!

On Monday we got word that Sen. Chuck Schumer planned to reintroduce his Border Bill. The bill was designed to codify the Biden Administration's currently illegal and unconstitutional Executive Branch amnesty and force U.S. taxpayers to fund the ongoing invasion of undocumented migrants.

The bill was soundly defeated earlier in 2024, but in today’s political climate…who knew what might happen. But here’s what did happen - on Wednesday the bill was bought for a vote and it was defeated, with even more Republicans and Democrats standing together in opposition this time around! Win!

Then on Thursday, the U.S. House repealed a law allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections in the District of Columbia - with 52 Democrats standing with Republicans to support the repeal! Win!

Several months ago, True the Vote launched The 611 Project to raise awareness about how noncitizens are being registered to vote and what immediate actions can be taken to prevent their registrations from being activated. With a 44 page handbook, talking points, and direct phone and email access to state and federal representatives, we have helped thousands of frustrated Americans ensure their voices are heard - and we will not stop!

Also on Thursday … another win … in the Bronx! The True the Vote Team was on the ground helping people with voter registration and record checks while they waited in line to attend the Trump Rally.

It is important to note that the True the Vote Team was also on the ground helping people in New Hampshire who’d come to attend the BIden Rally. It wasn’t as successful. There were no lines of people waiting. And we were not permitted to attend the event. But we still count it as a win! We showed up, spoke out, and helped the few that we could!

There’s so much more….

… and the list could continue! Wins, wins, wins for election integrity!

Thank you for standing firm in the fight. It is not always easy, but it is worth it!

IV3 Empowers Voters to Protect Their Vote

In the category of “What can you do today?” to protect your vote, True the Vote has IV3. IV3 (Independent Voter Verification and Validation) is a powerful tool that empowers citizens to challenge inaccurate registrations on the nation’s voter rolls. “With a base of over 211 million registered voter addresses, IV3 is not just a database; it's a dynamic tool that automates and enhances our understanding of voter rolls across the country.”

Kudos to the thousands of amazing citizens who’ve gotten involved through IV3. Over 130,000 challenges have been successfully filed to date!

Note: Monday’s Lunch and Learn on Onward / Locals will also be cancelled in observance of Memorial Day. We’ll be back at it on Wednesday!

So, that’s a wrap for the week friends! Keep the faith! Our best days are ahead!

Ever onward -

The True the Vote Team

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