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True the Vote Update: The 611 Project, IV3, news, trainings, and more

A Comprehensive Primer on Non-Citizen Voting

Lots to discuss this week! Here’s a quick guide:

  • NEW: The 611 Project: A Call to Action Against Non-Citizen Voting

  • NEW: Breaking news on Konnech, documented by The Federalist

  • UPDATE: IV3 - 47 states added and ready to go

  • RECAP: DIY Quick Reference Guide Training and Links

  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS: More Training, Events, Opportunities


The 611 Project - Are Elections As Open As Our Borders?

We’re excited to share our latest project with you. Titled ‘The 611 Project’, it’s call to action, together with comprehensive research, to empower advocates like you who are grappling with serious uncertainty over non-citizen registrations. You can check it out here.

Call to Action: What Can You Do About Non-Citizen Voting?

1. Contact your Sec of State and other elected officials to demand your elections be protected from non-citizen voters. Citizenship verification must be conducted before November. Ask them to publish their process for verification - this should be in the public domain!

2. Contact your Representatives in Congress. Ask them to issue a public statement confirming they will safeguard our elections by preparing to defend against an Executive Order or any other effort to grant immediate citizenship to a multimillion migrant voting bloc.

3. Help review and report ineligible voter records with IV3.us.

4. Leaving no polling place unmanned. Check your state info here about how to apply for election service with your county, state, or party.

5. Spread the word! From Scan. Check. Protect., to Voto Honesto, and our toolkits, podcasts, and trainings, you can use all the resources on our website to help strengthen election integrity in your own backyard.

Where did the title The 611 Project originate? 

As you’ll discover in the handbook, Title 18 of the US Code regarding Voting by Aliens, Section 611 Amendment C, is an amendment to immigration law that was passed 2000. It introduced, essentially, citizenship as a state of mind (kind of a big deal, as we’ll explain). The past few decades have been chock full of this and other policy changes that you may not have heard much about. Our position is that it all matters - and it’s all setting up for engineered chaos this November. So, we decided to name the project after Section 611c and give it the discussion it deserves in 2024.  

The 611 Project handbook is packed with valuable insights, analyses, and actionable strategies. This is a must-have for anyone who’s passionate about safeguarding the sanctity of our electoral process.

  • Understanding American Citizenship

  • Identifying Non-Citizen Statuses

  • Exploring Non-Citizen Voting

  • A Timeline of the Border Crisis and its Impact on Elections

  • Understanding Motivations

  • Solutions and Call to Action

Check out The 611 Project and make your voice heard!

Prosecutor: California DA Dropped Bombshell Election Data Case Because It Might Help Trump


"L.A. County District Attorney George Gascon improperly — and for political reasons — dismissed the criminal charges against the CEO of election software services company Konnech, a governmental tort complaint filed Wednesday by the lead prosecutor on the case claims. That eight-page complaint against Gascon with the county Board of Supervisors further alleges the DA retaliated against his lead prosecutor for opposing the dismissal of the charges — and reveals many more previously unknown and troubling details about the entire case …”

For more information on how True the Vote and private citizens came together to expose Konnech, a company that provides elections systems software to many of the largest counties in our country; its incontrovertible creation of open-door systems that send massive amounts of confidential election data and information to China; and its leadership’s work with, and loyalty to, the Chinese Communist Party; click here.

IV3 Update

On Monday, IV3 officially re-launched to a patiently awaiting team of over 25,000 volunteers. IV3 offers users a powerful toolkit to confirm the accuracy of voter rolls, pinpoint ineligible records, report findings to local authorities, and stay on top of changes in their local voter registries. Check out IV3 here.

If you are already signed up, please check out the updates shown below 👇. If you have not yet signed up, please do! Our goal is to have volunteers in every county/municipality/village/parish/township in the country, all looking at their local voter rolls. Over 25 million records are likely ineligible on the basis of residency alone. Voters can report local findings to their counties for review. This work is ongoing and time sensitive - deadline mid-July, before rolls close to prepare for early voting in the general election. (NOTE: NVRA establishes a 90 day pre-election moratorium on voter record changes. Out of an abundance of caution, we are taking early election into account.)

Post-launch updates:

  • All states have been loaded, excluding Kentucky, Minnesota, Indiana, and Maine. Indiana will be online next week. We are working to secure voter rolls from the Secretaries of State in the other three states.

  • If you are a volunteer with the project, please whitelist the email [email protected] so that updates won’t go to spam. Here’s how to whitelist an email address. 

  • Issues related to ID image capture have been fixed.

  • Issues related to visibility of volunteer challenge list have been fixed.

DIY Quick Reference Guide Recap + Call for Researchers

Thanks to the over 1,300 patriots who signed up for this week’s training. If you missed it, here’s the replay:

To print a template and fill it in DYI-style, you can find it here.

To participate with the research team building out guides in all states, please reach out to the TTV team at [email protected]. We want to work with you!

Coming in May: Lunch & Learn Open Mic with Catherine and the TTV Team

Beginning in May, we’ll be hosting Lunch & Learn Open Mic forums on the Locals Onward community Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays, from 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. CST, to discuss all citizen-led True the Vote initiatives and how you can make a positive difference 2024.

Free Speech is Bilingual

Voto Honesto Spokeswoman Violet Sarria Calls Out TikTok Censorship against True the Vote

Help Us Keep Our Pedal To The Metal!

We are firing on all cylinders, but we need your help. So, lastly, but necessarily, we ask you to please consider donating to the cause. We’re all in this together, and working together we can - and will - true the vote.

Until next week…Ever Onward!

The True the Vote Team