IV3 Training - Take Two

Restructured, Rescheduled, and Ready to Roll

Hi Friend -

We apologize for the IV3 Training misfire last night (Wednesday 6/5) 😑. Inexplicably, we were all (including Catherine and the entire TTV team) locked out on the Zoom platform. Maddening. If you are one of the nearly 2,000 who signed up, we hope you’ll join us again this Monday night (on a different webinar platform). And if you didn’t sign up last time, no worries! This training is for you, too!

We’ll walk through the IV3 app, go through every step on the dashboard, and review state specific steps in challenging ineligible voter rolls. Join us!

To learn more about IV3 and register for an account to access your local voter rolls, click here. 

To register for IV3 training click here or on the invitation shown below.


Your True the Vote Team