IV3 Empowers Voters to Protect Their Vote

In the category of “What can you do today?” to protect your vote, True the Vote has IV3. IV3 (Independent Voter Verification and Validation) is a powerful tool that empowers citizens to challenge inaccurate registrations on the nation’s voter rolls. “With a base of over 211 million registered voter addresses, IV3 is not just a database; it's a dynamic tool that automates and enhances our understanding of voter rolls across the country.”

As discussed in its April 27, 2024 newsletter, IV3 excels in many ways to identify inaccurate and illegitimate registrations, including:

  • An ability to identify individuals who have reported permanent relocations.

  • Is capable of handling nonstandard addresses, including commercial properties, vacant lots, or invalid addresses.

  • Can analyze anomalous residency patterns, such as addresses where high numbers of voters are registered.

  • All addresses are geocoded, which means the locations are precisely mapped.

In other words, “The IV3 platform is more than just a database—it is a powerful tool in the effort to maintain clean voter rolls. Its ability to automate complex analyses and provide real-time insights into voter data integrity is transforming how citizens can engage in maintaining election accuracy.”

To date, citizen volunteers who have registered to use IV3 are now in the thousands; with over 30,000 signups and 3654 registered and active volunteers. To date, these volunteers have presented 130,456 challenges nationwide.

In many cases, citizens become force multipliers. An individual in Montana has used IV3 to put a statewide voter roll cleanup initiative in place. He has amassed “active volunteers who are filing affidavits challenging unqualified registered voters in 23 of the 56 counties.” These challenges are in areas that “represent 82% of the state’s registered voters.”

The top 3 performing states in voter registration challenges with the use of IV3 are Texas, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Maybe you will be the next person to put your state on the map! Game on.

In a recent interactive broadcast, Engelbrecht shared other IV3 success stories, proving the power of “civic duty in action.”

In one instance, a citizen with the handle “Murf Mama” took IV3 by the horns. In about 6 hours, Murf Mama completed 900 plus challenges in her county. She built a relationship with her County Clerk who helped her address the ineligible records.

Catherine Engelbrecht responded to Murf Mama in her May 6, 2024 Locals broadcast with the following:

“Murf mama, I don't know who you are. I don't know if you watch, I don't know if you will ever know how much that message meant to the True the Vote team, because that is the absolute reason that we do what we do. We can teach our fellow citizens how to take action, and not only do they take action, they get results.”

Catherine Engelbrecht

In the same Onward Locals broadcast, Engelbrecht went on to recount many other IV3 success stories

“We have Anne in North Carolina who has challenged 9,210 ineligible records. We have Lana in Georgia who has challenged 3,944 ineligible records. We have Shannon in another county in Georgia, who has challenged 3,680 ineligible records. And we have Stacey from Pennsylvania, who has challenged 3,640 ineligible records. The power of One is infinite.”

Catherine Engelbrecht

Citizen engagement is at the core of True the Vote’s ethos. True the Vote engages regularly with citizens as evidenced by its regular Monday night Locals broadcasts, its various weekly Lunch and Learns, and its IV3 training sessions, all with founder Catherine Engelbrecht. We also try to answer your questions personally, whenever possible.

“IV3 is a robust tool provided by True the Vote to challenge ineligible records on your county’s and state’s voter rolls. We teach citizens to follow the letter of the law. True the Vote documents everything and new features are being added all the time.The ripple effect of meaningful citizen engagement is incredible. With IV3 citizens can see firsthand how much their participation means.”

Catherine Engelbrecht

If you are interested in challenging registrations in your county, please find IV3 registration here. Love your country. Protect your vote.